Ossetians in Turkey  

Ossetians in Turkey minority Mainly represented by the descendants of immigrants from Ossetia in the second half XIX century. Despite the fact that Ossetians mostly Christians in the migration to Turkey, took part predominantly Ossetians-Muslims.

The main reasons for Ossetians resettlement in Turkey deemed to be following.
1.Caucasian War (1785-1864);
2. orientation of the Ossetians-Muslims on Turkey as the country of the same religious belief;
3. Muhajirun propagation at the part of Turkey;
4. land shortage.
Turkey has made great efforts to commence Mountaineers (including Ossetians) to move to its territory. Thus it tried to colonize by Mohajirs its sparsely populated province, the military-strategic areas for a possible war with Russia (ie Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878).
The Ossetians began to migrate to Turkey in the late 50-ies of the XIX century. The organizer of the first wove of migration in 1859 was Digorskij landlord Abisalov. Together with him left Russia the other landlords accompanied by their servants peasants. It is noteworthy that the catalytic factor for resettlement here were generic relationships (i.e. a relative followed his other relatives). In 1860 year Digorskij and Kurtatinskie landlords (Aldar Tuganov and Ahmet Tsalikov) have organized another move (emigrated two thousand Ossetians). But many returned, as they did not see the promised "paradise on earth. Some of them died on the way to Ottoman Empire.
The abolition of serfdom in 1861 year, indirectly stimulated migration. Feodal aristocracy and the position of Islam was were quite strong developed in Digoria and Tagaurii, a while Kurtat and Alagir retained a kind of the forties of tribal democracy and Christianity. Thus Digorskij badelyatam and tagauram who had before them the serfs and slaves were to lose quite a lot.
In 1865 year, the third resettlement was conducted under the leadership of General Musa Kunduhova. The number of Ossetians, who left Russia with Kunduhov ranged from one hundred to several hundred.
Ossetians, who returned to 1860 in Ossetia, tried to dissuade his countrymen to go to Turkey. To this end Gutsyr Shana on the spot at the lives of immigrants was sent to Turkey to study and to make sure that is it as good actually, as pictured by Kunduhov. In his letter from Turkey Shanaev warned Ossetians from resettlement, urging them not to believe false promises. Thanks to the efforts of Shanaev the number of Ossetians follow Kunduhov was reduced many times.
Another critic of resettlement Ossetians was famous Ossetian writer Inal Kanukov- Migrant, returning at an early age with his parents to Ossetia. In his essay "The mountain-settlers", he wrote:
"But do they know where they want to go? No, they do not know. They only know that there is somewhere in the world, a country known as Istanbul ... they strive to go there unconsciously, because they are deceived by false rumors that they could live there well and even better than in the old homeland. But, alas! What a disappointment expected these unfortunate persons, and how many times have sent curses on the heads of those who dragged them on the difficulty of the road and when they saw the reality firsthand and opened their eyes, and it was then, forgetting the recent rosy dreams, they realized that had been deceived and had become victims of their credulity, yielding to false words of those fools who tried to persuade them that there will be better coalitions. And here they are at the mercy of these fanatics fools are now dying.

According to different estimates of the Ossetian population in Turkey ranges between 20 thousand up to 100 thousand people Now the majority of Ossetians live in big cities: Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.
Ossetians of Turkey still retain Ossetian identity. In 1989 was founded the cultural and charitable fund "Alan". The fund has opened courses for children to study the Ossetian language in Ankara and Istanbul.
According to available data the numbers of Ossetian Families (clans) in Turkey accords now one hundred.

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